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In order to order a license, you need to have AutoPIA installed on your PC. See the step-by-step procedure for AutoPIA installation.

Once you have installed AutoPIA.

  1. Run the program
  2. A window informs you that a license is not installed and asks what to do:
    Order license no valid license installed.png
    1. select "Order a license"
    2. press "Next"
  3. A license is always associated to a USB device and AutoPIA will run only if the USB device is plugged into the system. Usually a flash drive is used, in order to easily move the license from one PC to another.
    Order license select device.png
    1. Plug in a USB device of your choice
    2. Press "Refresh"
    3. Select the device from the list (if the device is not in the list, then plug another one and press "Refresh" again, because not all devices are suitable to be linked to a license: see FAQ for further details)
      Order license device selected.png
    4. press "Next"
  4. The license is a simple file, which will be sent to the email address provided: all other information is used to avoid somebody else using your license
    Order license insert license info.png
    1. Fill the information to be associated to the license
    2. Press "Next"
  5. Save all the information into a file
    Order license save request.png
    1. Click on "Browse" in order to select where to save the file containing the information
    2. A standard file save dialog pop-ups; select the directory and eventually change the file name, then press "Save"
    3. Send the generated file to your distributor with all other information about the order
  6. Click on "Finish"
    Order license finish.png