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Control charts

I would like to access control charts access from another application; is this possible?
Yes, it is. AutoPIA relies on established standard technologies to store data, therefore you can access those data as well using those standards. For detail plea contact us sending an email to CyberQual


I plugged a USB device on the PC, but even if I press "Refresh" the device is not included in the list
Not all USB devices are suitable to be associated to a AutoPIA license; AutoPIA automatically discards all USB devices that do not satisfy the requirements. All USB devices correctly implementing USB standards are accepted. We tested many devices and less than 1% do not conform to USB standars and thsu could not be bound to AutoPIA licenses.
Can I use the USB flash drive associated to the license to store my documents?
Yes. You can normally use the USB device; AutoPIA just requires the USB device to be plugged during execution.
What happens if the USB device is lost?
The license is lost. Unfortunately, there is no practical way to discriminate real loss from a deliberate fraudolent declaration in order to obtain a new license.
What happens if the USB device is damaged?
The license is lost. Howerver, it is possible to have it restored sending the broken USB device to CyberQual premises. License restore service is charge to a minimal fixed price. Notice that CyberQual will restore the license, NOT the USB device.