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In order to install a license, you need an installed instance of AutoPIA (see the step-by-step procedure) and a valid license for a specific USB device, which is a file sent by CyberQual (see the step-by-step procedure on how to request a demo license).

The following step-by-step procedure describes how to install a license.

  1. Run the program
  2. A window informs you that a license is not installed and asks what to do:
    Install license no valid license installed.png
    1. select "Install a license"
    2. press "Next"
  3. The window allows the selection of a file
    Install license select license file.png
    1. Press "Browse" and choose the license file
    2. When selected, AutoPIA visualise the description of the license: check that this is exactly what you bought
    3. If the USB device associated to the license is plugged, it is selected inside the list and the "Finish" button is endabled; go to step 7 (press finish)
      Install license license info with device.png
    4. If the USB device associated to the license is not plugged, the "Finish" is disabled and a warning message is displayed on top
      Install license license info without device.png
    5. Plug in the USB device associated to the license and press "Refresh"
    6. Select the USB device you want to associate to the license: then "Finish" button is enabled
    7. Press the "Finish" button.
  4. The program will continue starting, showing on the splash screen
    • The license information
    • The program version
      Splash screen while loading.png
  5. The splash screen closes and the program main window will appear. To visualize the splash screen on demand, go to menu Help | About.